In 1879, a man named Charles Elliot Perkins purchased the land surrounding of the Garden of the Gods. Perkin’s dream was that it would be forever free and open to the public. Perkins died before he could arrange this. But in 1909, his children made his wish come true, and today the land belongs to the city of Colorado Springs. Can you guess how much Perkins originally paid per acre of land?

He paid $22/acre! And now anyone can tour the park for free! Children love to climb some of the rocks…and I do, too!

Many of the rocks have names. Can you guess what this one might be called?

If you guessed “Balanced Rock,” you would be right! And check out the one below:

The views are really breathtaking…

I hope that you will get a chance to visit the Garden of the Gods park one day if you haven’t already. And maybe you can climb up some of the rocks, too!

Your rock-climbing friend,

Peter, the Traveling Marionette