Hi friends,

Can you guess why the main pedestrian street in Barcelona, “La Rambla,” has many different names?

The picture above shows two different street names for the same street. The reason for this is that “La Rambla” actually consists of several shorter street sections that link together to form a very long, pedestrian walkway. Each of the street sections has a different name like “Rambla dels Caputxins” above. But the whole street with all the sections combined is called “La Rambla” or “Las Ramblas.”

Of course, there is lots of good food along La Rambla, and even an old market…

There is also a famous, old opera house along La Rambla!

There are also “Ramblas” or pedestrian walkways in Barcelona in other neighborhoods such as the neighborhood called “El Raval.”

Here is a street sign along “La Rambla” in El Raval neighborhood. It tells you all you need to know!

Do you like to go on walks where you live? Do you like to ramble on the “ramblas” in your hometown? Or maybe you prefer hiking or walking somewhere else. Wherever you go, I hope that you enjoy every minute!

Your Rambla-roaming friend,