Hi friends,

In Porto, there is so much to taste! I was on a low budget, so I stuck to the less-pricey items around. But even on a low budget, I was amazed at what I found to eat here in Porto!

The “Francesinha” (or “Little French woman” in English):

This famous sandwich from Port usually has slices of ham, different sausages and steak all placed between slices of bread. The whole thing is then doused with melted cheese and a thick tomato and beer sauce. Since my mouth is so small and the sandwich was so thick, I had to cut it up in order to eat it! Yum!

The Bifana:

This delicious Porto sandwich has pork slices covered in an amazing spicy sauce. At least this is the way that they make them at Conga on Ruo do Bonjardim in Porto. The waitress was so nice and offered to help Julie and me take a photo!

The Leitão:

This suckling pig sandwich is one of the locals favorites. Mine came in a cute box with chips. I got it at the Beira Rio Market on the Gaia side of the Duoro River at a popular stand called Leitão do Zé. Can you see that the Porto people really love their pork? Yumm!

Pastel de Nata:

This is definitely one of my favorites! I saw them everywhere! It is a sweet cream-filled pastry similar to the Pastel de Belem from Lisboa.

Areias de Cascais (“The sands of Cascais”)

This is a traditional Portuguese cookie. It is so soft. I like it because it has cinnamon in it☺️

There is so much more to taste here in Porto like fresh seafood and fish. This post could go on and on.

Do you have a favorite sandwich? What makes it so delicious?

Your Porto-loving friend,