Hi friends,

Majestic Café opened in Porto on December 19, 1921. As it was with other cafés of that time (such as Café Gerbeaud in Budapest), many thinkers, politicians, artists and members of high society met there to discuss important topics of the day. In 1999, the Portuguese farewell ceremony for Macau was held here. Macau had been under Portuguese control for 442 years before turning it over to China! There are many things that make Café Majestic a very special place.

First of all, the decor is beautiful.

Then there is the luxurious seating. Although my chair was a little big for me, it felt like a throne!

If you look up, you can see angels smiling down at you from the ceiling.

The waiters all wear fancy attire and they are so polite. And, of course, the coffee and the famous Portuguese pastry called, “Nata de Crema” are really delicious.

It was really funny because during my brief time in the Majestic, several people asked to take my picture. I felt famous!

Perhaps in the past, this café was mostly for society’s elite. But today, anyone can visit…even a humble, wooden marionette like me!

Your café-hopping friend,