Hi friends,

I can hardly believe it! I am in Porto, Portugal! Francisco Sá Carneiro was a former Prime Minister of Portugal. They named this airport after him when he died in a plane crash in 1980 on his way to Porto. The original name for the airport was “Pedras Rubras.” Can you guess what that means in English?

“Pedras Rubras” means “Red Rocks.” Lots of the local people still call the airport “Pedras Rubras.” I guess it is hard to get used to the new name.

Most people around me at the airport were speaking in Portuguese, so you might understand my surprise when I saw this huge sign below written in English.

Here is the Portuguese version of “Welcome!”

I learned how to say a few things in Portuguese already:

  • “Bom dia.” means “Good day.”
  • ”Muito obrigado” means “Thank you very much!”
  • “Adeus” means “Good-bye.”

By the way, do you speak another language besides English? If not, is there one that you would like to learn?

Your language-inspired friend,