Hi friends,

Lots of cities have statues in them. Usually the statues are quite large and commemorate famous people from the country’s history. However Budapest has one of the tiniest statues I have ever seen – a worm! This tiny creature with a life vest around its belly sits on the quay wall next to the Danube River across from the Parliament building. Can you guess why Budapest has a statue of a worm?

The worm’s name is, “The Chief (Main) Worm” or “Főkukac” in Hungarian. He comes from the pages of a Hungarian tale called “Fi-Fi-Fi Fisherman” (“Ho-Ho-Ho Horgász”) by children’s author, István Csukás. The fisherman and his “Chief Worm” always go fishing and have all kinds of fun adventures together. Soon the book turned into a cartoon, and Hungarian children everywhere know this little worm. All of my Hungarian friends could even sing the song that the Fisherman sings in the cartoon. Watch it below:

I asked the worm why he sits on the buey wall. The Chief Worm told me that he always waits there for his fisherman friend to come and take him fishing on the Danube River–and maybe…just maybe…they will have another adventure!

Your statue-intrigued friend,