Hi friends,

St. Stephen’s Basilica in the heart of Budapest is one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen! When I went to visit, I heard the bells tolling and they echoed all over the square. Would you like to hear them, too? Watch the video below to hear them yourself!

Did you know that the bells of St. Stephen’s Basilica have their own names?

  • St. Erzsébet Bell
  • St. Emeric Bell
  • Blessed Gizella Bell
  • St. Henry II Bell
  • Blessed Virgin Mary Bell
  • Great St. Stephen Bell

The Great St. Stephen Bell (“Szent István” in Hungarian) in the south tower is the largest bell in Hungary. It weighs 9250 kg (over 10 tons). Normally, the Hungarians only ring the Great St. Stephen bell twice a year: at midnight on New Year’s Eve and at 5:00 pm on August 20th (St. Stephens Day).

The Parliament and St. Stephen’s Cathedral are both the same height (96 meters), and they are the tallest buildings in all of Budapest. No one is allowed to build anything higher. This illustrates the idea that the church and state are both equally important.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral was not actually named after St. Stephen from the Bible as you might have thought. Instead it was named after Stephen, the first King of Hungary.

I really like Budapest! Every time I turn a corner, I am surprised by another breath-taking sight. And St. Stephen’s Cathedral is definitely one of those!

Your breath-taken friend,