Hi friends,

I found the most amazing museum in Szentendre, Hungary…a marzipan museum (“marcipán” in Hungarian.) I never heard of marzipan before, so of course I was very curious about it. Do you know what marzipan is and what you can do with it?

It turns out that marzipan is candy made of a sugary, almond paste. My favorite are these heart shaped marzipan sweets covered in dark chocolate. Some come with different flavors like orange. Yum! But did you know that marzipan can also be made into something else as well?

In the 1930s, a man in Hungary by the name of Mátyás Szamos learned how to make roses out of marzipan. Szamos experimented and soon started to make small, marzipan figurines which he gave to his children on their birthdays or on holidays. He later created a marzipan and chocolate company called “Szamos” which eventually became well-known all over Hungary and beyond.

Inside the museum, I got to watch a real artist as she worked! She was creating a statue – all with marzipan. Check out her sculpting skill in the pictures below:


As I walked through the museum, I found an old friend of mine made of marzipan! Take a look:


Check out this marzipan sculpture of the Hungarian Parliament:

There was even a violin made of marzipan!

Have you ever made a sculpture out of your favorite candy or cookie dough before? It might be fun to try!

Your marzipan (“marcipán”) – loving friend,