Hello friends,

Have you ever tasted a pastry made with poppyseed?

Can you guess what other sweet delicacies the Gerbeaud Café-Confectionery is known for?

Café Gerbeaud introduced many wonderful sweets to Budapest including the cat’s tongue chocolate and the cognac cherry bonbon. Popular requests today are the Eszterházy cake and Sacher Torte.

My favorite sweets at Café Gerbeaud are the macaroons. They come in all kinds of flavors including poppyseed and salty-caramel-raspberry!

Henrik Kugler originally founded the Café and opened his doors for business in 1858. By 1975, he bore the new title of the Imperial and Royal court confectioner. Many well-known individuals frequented Café Gerbeaud including Sissy, the beloved Queen of Hungary. In 1884, Kugler chose Swiss-born confectioner, Émile Gerbeaud to take over. Eventually, the business took on the Gerbeaud name.

Take a look the beautiful chandeliers, marble floors and specially-designed chairs! I truly felt like a prince when I walked in.

Do you have a favorite cake or sweet shop that you like to visit? What is it like? What makes it so special?

Your poppyseed macaroon-loving friend,