Hi friends,

The sunlight in Madrid is somehow different from the sunlight in other cities. Perhaps it is because Madrid sits so high up (elevation: 667 meters or 2,188 feet above sea level.) My friend, Julie was so inspired by the light in Madrid, that she decided to write a poem about it…

The City of Light

by Julie Barshinger

September 7, 2018

The light appears,

Warm, weightless.

Determined, it draws me from the dark.

It pulls me tenderly toward morning.

The sun breaks,

Brilliant, proud.

Demanding, it calls me to a sudden awakening.

It pushes me bravely toward day.

The rays beat down,

Headstrong, hot.

Daring, they fill me with the fire of the fight.

They inspire me powerfully toward the eve.

The color dims,

Orange, red.

Disappearing, it calms the storms of my soul.

It invites me gently toward night.

Have you ever pondered what the light is like around you? Have you thought about how the sun hits the tops of buildings or your shoes?

Or maybe it is often cloudy where you live. What kinds of light shines through the clouds? Is it a soft light or maybe mysterious? I love to think about light.

Your light-loving friend,