Hi friends!

As I wondered past the Royal Palace in Madrid, I came upon this huge church called “La Catedral de la Almudena.” Can you guess how many years it took to complete this building?

It took 100 years to finish the construction (1883-1993.) I really like the lamp post! What style!

Many Spanish cities have a patron saint. In Madrid, the female patroness is the Virgin of Almudena. In this case, the Almudena is an icon or religious statue of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

There are many stories about the Almudena. Some say that in the year 712 A.D., the people of Madrid hid the Almudena icon in the walls of the city to protect her from attacking Muslim armies. Later in the 11th Century, when the Christian King, Alfonso VI of Castile arrived in the city, they searched for the Almudena. After several days, the icon miraculously appeared in a crumbling part of the wall!

Does your city have a special story about something that happened in the past? I would love to hear about it!

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