Hello friends!

Did you ever wonder how people in other parts of the world get around?

Here are a few of the ways that people get around in Madrid:


For most people who live and work in the downtown area, walking is the easiest way to get around town. I love walking on the old, winding street of the city center. Getting lost is even fun!


The Madrid Metro is huge! It has 13 lines and 301 stations. In 2017, over 600 million people rode the metro. The Madrid metro began on October 17, 1919. Madrid also has suburban train lines that take you the towns around Madrid. It is amazing!

Community Bicycle:

People can sign up to use the community bicycles. You can pick one up at one station and drop it off at another! How convenient!

Electric Scooter:

Just hop on one of these and press “Start” and it will take you wherever you want to go! There is no pushing required as it is all electric!


Tourists in Madrid love the Segway scooter. I see them everywhere!


This is always a favorite in this traffic-congested city. Motorcycles ride in and out between the long lines of traffic. This is a very popular mode of transportation here.


The police like to ride horses especially in the downtown area near the Royal Palace. From such a height, they can see everything! I would love to ride a horse myself one day.

City Bus, Tourist Bus and Intercity Bus:

(I found out that on some Inter-city buses, you can watch movies!)

In Julie’s Handbag:

Which mode of transportation would you like to try?

Your traveling friend,