Hello friends,

Welcome to the Retiro Park in Madrid! There is so much to see and do here…like rowing on a boat in the big pond😊

One of the most interesting places that I found was the “Bosque de Recuerdo” (“Forest of Remembrance.”)

Inside the Forest of Remembrance there is a cypress or olive tree planted for each of the victims of the March 11, 2004 train bombings in Madrid. A total of 191 civilians and 1 special forces agent died in the attack. The forest is located near the Atocha train station which was where one of the bombings took place.

Below is a picture of “El Parterre” (“The Flower Garden.”) It is one of the most magical places in El Retiro. Everything looks perfectly symmetrical and in order.

Statues like the one below abound throughout the park adding a royal touch:

The majestic, equestrian statue at the top of this famous monument is of King Alfonso II. At the base of the monument are 3 figures: “La Paz” (“Peace”), “La Libertad” (“Freedom”) and “El Progreso” (“Progress”).

All that is left is to go and ride one of the canoes! Who will come with me?

Your excited friend,