Hi friends,

I made a new friend today! His name is Ratoncito Perez, and he lives at Calle Arenal, 8 in Madrid, Spain. It turns out that he is a very interesting character indeed!

It turns out that he performs the same job as the Tooth Fairy, except that he covers many Spanish-speaking countries. Children come from far away and wide to visit Ratoncito Perez in his home.

The people of Spain and many countries in Central and South America believe that when their first tooth falls out, Ratoncito Perez is the one who comes to retrieve it.

Long ago, Luis Coloma started this tradition when he wrote a story about Ratoncito Perez for the boy King, Alfonso XIII which was published in 1902. In 1915, this story was published in English under the name, “Perez, the Mouse” and in 1953 in Japanese under the name “Koroma Simpu”.

I always thought that there was only one story…that of the Tooth Fairy. I never knew that different countries had different stories about what happens to a child’s first, fallen tooth. Culture is so interesting!

Do you come from a culture with a different tradition? I would love to learn about it!

Your story-loving friend,