Hi friends!

Wow! I have never tasted something so delicious for breakfast! It is called “Churros y Chocolate.”

Although there is some question about the origin of this tasty food, it eventually made its way to the Iberian Peninsula. It became very popular among Spanish shepherds. Because of their long stints in the pastures, they did not have access to fresh bread. “Churros” were made of similar ingredients and they could take them with them. In fact, “churros” derives its name from the Spanish sheep called a “churra” because its shape is similar to that of the sheep’s horns.

Later when chocolate and sugar arrived in Europe, people started to eat churros with chocolate and it changed from a salty treat to something sweet.

This is my favorite place to get churros and chocolate in Madrid. It is called: “Chocolat.” You can find it at Calle Santa Maria, 30 in Madrid. They make churros and porras (like churros only thicker.)

The people who work in the shop are all very nice and friendly. They showed me how they make the churros and porras (thicker than churros).

How to Make Churros

First he makes the dough by hand and loads it into a large machine.

Then he heats the oil to a very high temperature and slowly adds the dough to the oil. For churros, he joins the ends with his fingers and then drops it into the oil to cook for about 2 minutes on each side before removing them.

How to Make Porras

To make the thicker porras, he pours the dough into the oil and creates a large circle. After about 2 minutes on one side, they flip the porra dough all at once. They have to be careful when they flip it so that it doesn’t break. Then they cut the porras into pieces to serve!

Your churro-loving friend,