Hi friends!

Here in the center of the Puerta del Sol in Madrid is a stone plaque in the ground called “Kilometro Cero” (Kilometer Zero). This marks the geographical center of Spain.

All Spanish national highways begin here and radiate outward to all parts of Spain. Their distance is measured by how far they are from this point. All of the numbered streets in Madrid also start here. As the street leads further away from Kilometro Cero, the numbers increase.

I also found out about another interesting fact. Have you ever heard of the phrase, “All roads lead to Rome?” Well many believe that phrase came from the fact that Ancient Rome also had a similar marker called the “Golden Milestone” or “Milliarium Aureum.” Isn’t that so interesting?

Well, I guess it is safe to say that in Spain at least, all roads lead to Madrid!

Your traveling friend,