The flight from Philadelphia to Frankfurt was so exciting. I started out hidden away in the suitcase, but I was able to sneak out in time to see the plane take-off. Amazing!

The seat was a little big for me…but Julie lifted me up to look out the window.

This was first time that I ever flew! It was so effortless, like I was a bird flying from treetop to treetop. The experience so amazed me that I decided to write a poem about it…

In Flight

The wheels of the plane grind and groan,

Rumble and roam down the runway.

The colors of the sun mix and blend

Shine and bend with the morning.

The winds of the air suddenly sound,

Swoop and bound all around me.

Man-made wings defy and declare,

Soar and dare against gravity.

The currents of the clouds billow and roll,

Form and foal in their glory.

Your flying friend,