Hi from Frankfurt!

When we arrived at the Frankfurt International Airport, I stepped into another world where everyone spoke German! I love learning new languages, so I learned a couple of words in German like:

“Ausgang” which means “Exit,” and

“Flughafen” which means “Airport.”

We had to go through a passport line there before we could get to our next flight, but fortunately for me, marionettes do not need passports to travel. At least – not yet!

Once we made it to the gate, we had just enough time to grab a snack. I picked out a Berliner Brezel (Pretzel in English.) I never tried this before. Doesn’t it look delicious?


After…Yummm! It tastes just like a doughnut!

What a fun time in Germany. Now, on to sunny Madrid!

Your “brezelled” friend,